How can shy people expand network in corporate world

BY Admin Jul 09, 2018

Shy people generally do not have wide social contacts and they are hesitant to mix up with others. But in job environment, it is important to deal with people. Many business experts said that Networking is the key to success in business. It helps candidates to find jobs, recruit talent, win new clienteles and discover investors who will support their ideas.

But shy people find difficult to broaden network to shape bright future in career. For them, networking is a trial. They view it as insincere, manipulative. They avoid networking for a numerous reasons including lack of confidence, fear of rejection and a sense of worthlessness.

Main elements of shyness Behaviour

  1. Being hesitant, inhibited in certain social situations.
  2. Coming across as humble and soft-spoken.
  3. Avoiding certain social situations, either entirely or by being in them but not fully participating.
  4. Being less likely to take social threats. This could be for small actions, like speaking up to tell an edgy joke in a group of friends, or something bigger, like asking someone out.
  5. Having trouble with self-disclosure.
  6. Having anxiety with self-assertion.
  7. On occasion, being extra chatty or outgoing (this happens due to nerves, or because the shy person feels they have to act this way because that's what other people expect).

Many experts indicated that shy people must have to realize that successful networking is building intimate, sincere relationships based on mutual liberality, not deception, and that they cannot achieve their career goals on their own. They have to network their way to get career success. If there is a problem in meeting people in corporate or social life. They cannot follow some instructions.

In order to expand network, there are some simple guidelines they must follow:

Start at small scale: Shy people are suggested to expand their social or corporate network at small scale as they become scared of exploitation. Initially they can develop networking efforts by seeking out familiar faces, such as relatives and friends.

Stop Apologizing: Introverts and inexperienced networkers often make an apology when they take help from others because they see networking as aburden, not as an exercise in relationship building. Shy people have a feeling that they are asking someone to do them a favour. Apologizing to people who provide assistance justdeterminesperson’s lack of professionalism and self-confidence.

It is also annoying and immature. Peopledo not have to say sorry for asking for help. They do not have to apologize for wanting to learn more about the individual with whom you are networking. Shy people must think in a way that in corporate life if they need help from others then others will also ask help in other occasion.

Be Generous: It has been observed in corporate culture that some shy people have trouble networking because they do not think they have anything important, such as a job or a contact, to give back to someone who helped them. Although networking works best when people do have something to offer. Sincere interest in the other personeven flattery is a form of kindness and goes a long way when people are networking. Shy people must be authentic, share their passions and help other people feel good about themselves or be successful. These will help shy people to expand their network.

Broaden Networking Goal: It is necessary that shy people must redefine networking as a mutual exchange. If they simply ask people that they want to meet as there is some job openings, companies or executives may not respond.

Volunteer at Large Events: Shy people are advised to have conversations with strangers, volunteer to help organize or run the meeting instead of going to a professional association meeting.

Listening skill assist to strengthen networking: Shy people are often empathic listeners. Being a better listener than most people may not make them stand out in the crowd. But it has strong, lasting impressions on people once shy people engage them in a conversation. Listening politely and asking a few thoughtful questions can help develop constructive relationship.

Focus on what they do best: It is highly advantageous for shy people to work with their natural strengths rather than against them. It will be for both people and their business.

Find people who understand: Being a shy does not mean that they donot need people, and connecting with others who understand and help to boost confidence and maintain a positive mind-set when things do not go to plan. Natural strength of shy people are as follows:

They tend to dislike too much stimulation and are drawn to inner nature so they develop highly developed ability to concentrate and focus on one thing at a time.

They can tap into their intuition to know how to best respond to people and circumstances.

They tend to observe people and situation before responding.

It is very difficult to beat shyness in the business world.Networking is a major challenge for shy people. They must develop self-confidence to influencecorporate executives.But it is possible for shy candidates to master the art of networking. Networking is not based on being outgoing instead it is about building genuine relationships based on trust, sincerity, and generosity. Shy people also must develop willingness to include others in their life.

It is also important for shy people to change their though process. If people are struggling to meet new people they must develop above skills to improve their network. It requires all of the abilities necessary to overcome shyness in other areas of our life and more.

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