How to avoid mistakes in a resume ?

BY Saravanan Jul 25, 2018

How to avoid mistakes in a resume ?

Resume with a mistake would be the single most dangerous thing, that can sabotage the job search for any candidate. Since, the process of searching a new job, starts with a good resume. Because, a strong and clear resume exhibits your skills and talents in the best presentable manner.

Check out the list below of common resume mistakes which must be avoided at any cost.

1.  Grammatical errors

Any resume must be grammatically correct and free from any typo errors. If the resume isn't, HR Manager or interviewer might be forced to think about "This person can't write," or, "This person obviously careless"

2.  Be specific about things

A resume shouldn’t simple and must be specific. Because, interviewers feels the need to understand what are the things accomplished by the candidates. Many interviewers feel that resumes must be addressed to a particular or a specific thing. Besides, they expect the candidate to clearly show how and why he/she fit the position in a specific organization and contribute to the growth of the environment.

4. Highlighting duties, responsibilities and accomplishments

A good resume needs to show how good a candidate is good at his job. If needed, the candidates can also list out the day to day activities, normal duties and responsibilities. They can also specify the achievements and accomplishments.  Never mention, details like group meeting, group discussion, conferences or participation in departmental programmes.

5. Can the resume be long?

There is no specific rule about the length of the resume. Why ? Different interviewers have different preferences and expectation. Mention the skills, talents and experience who have got.  But never go overboard by writing a resume more than 8 pages or limit to 1 page.

6. Good summary

Career and experience summary is an important section of the resume, which will highlight the skills and talent who have acquired over the period of time. So, the section must be neatly written specifying your abilities and capabilities.

7. Mention your soft skills and extra-curricular work

Soft skills and extra-curricular activities add value to your resume. Because, they play a pivotal role by channelizing energy of both mental and physical energies of the candidate towards their personality development. This helps the interviewer to judge the maturity and attitude of the candidates


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