How to connect with the interviewer during the job interview ?

BY Saravanan Jul 18, 2018

How to connect with the interviewer during the job interview ?

The primary purpose of the interview for the employers is to confirm that whether the candidate is skilled and talent to complete the job, besides, it helps them check whether you are matured enough to handle problems and culturally solid fit for the organization. So how do you instantly connect with your interviewer, here are some quick and easy ways to make it.

Non-verbal expression

A good eye contact added with a solid handshake, good posture, smile is critical for establishing any good conversation. These will be the initial clues from you, which will determine the basic outcome of any interview. These will give the interviewers know how, whether if you are fit for the job within 40- 60 seconds. If you can’t appear to be like that during this minute, then there are high chances you would not get connected with the interviewer.

Change Your Attitude

Attitude is the single most important thing in establishing a rapport with the interviewer. If you are really passionate about in fine-tuning your method of communicating  changing your attitude is the right way. Because, the last minute adjustments in attitude can really help you during an interview process and keep you going. Since, when you find that interviewer’s communication style, based on his/her personality type, which completely different, then changing the communication style through your attitude adjustment can help to tide over the issue.

Try to match their Energy 

After the initial greeting, try to notice the energy and speed in which interviewers talk. If they have a slow, steady and pensive tempo in their speech, or a quick and much faster, try to match them through your speed. This kind of matching can bring a resonance between two different people. This can followed even in physical gestures. It can also be incorporated in the phone or even Skype interviews as well. But whatever you do – never try to overdo it. Because, this can make them and you uncomfortable, where sometimes, the interview might feel you are teasing or mocking them.

Always pay attention 

Keep your ears and eyes open and response them with an appropriate gesture. Stay calm and never interrupt them during their speech. If you have any questions, ask them in the end. Never ever object any statement from in an interview, until it is your personal one.  

Ask Questions to Get Them Talking

If you want your interview to feel comfortable and keep moving on ? Then asking the right question can open them up. If you open them up and get them to talk about how their day is going, how they feel about, what they did, what problems they are facing, how they solved their issues, they will talk your ear off. Which is a good thing in an interview and it makes them like you, which will make getting closer to them.

Do some research

To strength your points, you should some research online before the interviewer. Check the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile, scan through the companies they worked with and where they were located, interests, hobbies etc. These could be important scoring points which can help you to build rapport.


Captivate them With Stories 

One of the best ways to engage any interview is through telling stories.  It helps you to bring some stranger into your world and helps them to hear your strengthens and emotions. Because everyone likes a story, and through your story where you made a big impact on them. Many interviewers feel that good story helps to judge a person’s attitude, maturity and communication skills



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