How to handle a group interview ?

BY Saravanan Jul 23, 2018

How to handle a group interview ?

Before trying your skills, you must be aware that there are two types of group interviews, namely Candidate group interviews and Panel group interviews.

Many candidates forget the fact, that most of the companies use Group interviews effectively find the skill of the candidates and move further the interview process.  As mentioned above, there are two kinds.

  • Candidate Group Interview: It is a kind, where multiple candidates are asked to present in a room and an interview at the same time. Though, it might look like group discussion, it is not.
  • Panel Group Interview: It is another variation, where a candidate is interviewed by a group of interviews. The panel mostly includes, HR Manager, Team head (for whom the candidate is interviewed) or co-worker from the department the potential candidates will be working.
  • Besides, many companies also follow a group interview followed by a panel of interviewers.

How to handle them ?

Pre planning and preparation are keys to success in any interview, but when it comes to a group interview it is always better to prepare. Because any mistake one of your interviewers is bound to point it out, which could lead negative scoring. Here are a few tips that will help you make the best impression possible:

  • Greet all of your interviewers separately. Make eye contact, say ‘hello’ or ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Good Evening’, and if possible shake hands.
  • During an interview never focus on a single interviewer. Try to engage everyone in the group when you are answering questions or asking one.
  • During introduction, especially in a group job interview to save yourself sometime and pressure compose and memorize fluidly a strong introduction. Give it all your best during the preparation process. This will certainly greatly help you during the interview. Because “first impression is the best impression.
  • Be a good listener. During a group interview, never let your mind wander somewhere, pay complete attention and be alert. Not just your questions, listen to the questions asked to your peers. This will help you think and answer better.
  • When a question to pose to the group, be the first to answer. But don’t do it often, answer first every once in a while. Because, it could result in negativity as the interview might feel that  you are trying to dominate the group interview.
  • Never express your opinion even when it is a surprise for you.
  • As soon as your interviewer asks you if you have any questions in mind, never hesitate or be shy. Try your best to formulate a good and clever question. Once you’ve already created a question, do your best to keep them in mind and wait until your interviewer asks you if you have any.
  • Never ever interrupt the interviewer during the process.
  • Until it is urgent for nature call, don’t take a break during an interview.
  • It is always better to switch off the mobile phone before the interview.
  • Brilliant questions will make you notable. It means you’re listening well and you are eager to learn more. That’s how important good and intelligent questions are. 
  • Never express your disagreements or annoyance on any issues related to the company
  • Try to gather all kinds of group questions and practice your answers
  • If you are participating in a group interview, always try to lead than to follow.
  • While being interviewed along with others, try to demonstrate your leadership skills, your capacity to handle work load and other kinds of mental pressure.
  • Always highlight the value of teamwork.
  • Remember the name and designation of the interviewer.
  • Finally, thank everyone who interviewed you.

Don’t be afraid of Group job interviews, because they can be terrifying. However, it’s not as worse or tough as it may seem. If you are strong and confident it can offer you the edge that you require than a traditional job interview can offer.


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