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BY Admin Jul 06, 2018

A job application is type of request draft foroccupation used by almost all companies to recruitemployees. Applications are part of the formal employing process which companies use to hire employees.

Applications make the employment process more effectual for the employer and the use of a simple form makes it easier for employers to find the suitable candidate for many reasons such as time saving. The information is presented in a set order and so it saves time rather than searching each CV. It brings consistency and so it is easier to compare applicants fairly. Each employer can customise the form to their specific criteria, and exclude the information they do not require.

Candidates who are looking for a job, must know the procedure to apply. It depends on the employer. A job application can be completed in several ways. There are paper job application forms that candidates fill out if they apply in person for a position. There are also online job applications, typically completed on a company website or at a hiring kiosk in a store or business. In some cases, a resume and cover letter will be considered as application.

Types of Job Applications:

Each company has its specific way to accept applications. An employer could utilize one or more methods of accepting applications from people who would like to work at the organization.

Job applications include:

  1. Job Applications on Company Websites
  2. Job Site Applications
  3. Email Job Applications
  4. In-Person Applications
  5. Job Application Letters
  6. Online Job Applications
  7. Resumes

Most employers require applicants to complete a job application, along with a resume and cover letter. Employers use job applications to guarantee that they have reliable information for all candidates.

Additionally, by signing a job application or acknowledging online that the information in the application is precise, the candidate is attesting to their job and educational history. This means that candidates can be denied employment or dismissed in the future if they do not provide accurate information in their employment record.

Before completing a job application, either online or in-person, it is important to include all information to complete the application on hand. Some requirement before filling job application- Supporting and relevant document:

Supporting documentation for a job application may include a resume, a cover letter, transcripts, writing samples, Veterans' Preference documents, portfolios, certifications, a reference list, letters of recommendation, and other supporting documentation as specified in the job posting.

I. Good cover letter is required. A cover letter is a single-page letter that is a part of any job application. Main purpose of cover letter is to:

  • Introduce applicants
  • Mention the job they are applying for
  • Match their skills and experiences with the skills and experiences required by the job
  • Encourage the reader to read their resume
  • Resume containing relevant information

Supporting documentation from candidates helps companies to evaluate applications. For many employers, a resume (or a resume and cover letter) provides all the information required. Some employers need more information.

Required Information:

When candidates complete an employment application, they will be required to provide

  • Contact information
  • Work history including companies worked for, positions held, and starting and ending dates of employment, and educational history.

They may also be asked to provide references. Therefore before candidates start applying for a job, make a list of all the information they need to apply.

Below are some tips to complete job Application:

-In filling job application, it is necessary to review employment History. Candidates will need their resume or a list of employment and education history to make sure that they are listing the correct dates of employment, job titles, and education.

-It is highly important that candidate's resume should match the job application perfectly because any discrepancy will be detected quickly.

-Download a Sample Job Application and practice filling it out. In this way, candidates can be sure that they have all the information that is required, in advance. If candidates are applying for a position in-person, ask for a job application, then take it home to complete. They must take enough time to filling it out so it will be neat and organized, as well as accurate when they return to drop it off.

Proper way to fill out a job application form:

When candidates Apply In-Person. They must consider some points so that application have relevant details.

Common Job Application Form Details:

1. Personal Information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Phone Number
  • Eligibility to Work in India

2. Education:

  • Schools/Colleges Attended
  • Major
  • Degree/Diploma
  • Graduation Dates(s)

3. Position Applied For Information:

  • Title of the job you are applying for
  • Hours/days available to work
  • When you can start work

4. Employment Information:

  • Names, addresses, phone numbers of previous employers
  • Supervisor's name
  • Dates of employment
  • Salary
  • Reason for Leaving

5. References: 

  • List of three references - names, job title or relationship, addresses, phone numbers

6. Resume:
Main concept in completing job application: 

  • Preparing to apply
  • Job application
  • Preparing a resume
  • Writing cover letters

Points to keep in mind while submitting an Online Job Application: Presently, there is a trend to fill online application. Candidates must consider following factors while completing online application:

  1. Candidates must carefully read job descriptions. Sometimes job seekers who apply for specific job are not qualified. It is suggested to take the time to understand exactly what the company expects from applicants for jobs that interest candidates. It is not good to ignore the detailed description of what the job entails.
  2. While filling online application for job, it is good to create an original cover letter. If the company asks for a cover letter, be sure to include one. Make sure to write one specific to accomplishments and skills and the job description properly. Candidates must go a step further and mention how they will use that knowledge and those skills on the job. Avoid sending out a generic cover letter.
  3. It is recommended to identify key words and modify resume. Take time and review resume. Find the key words in the job description and make sure that it indicates accomplishments. Be sure to customize resume and/or cover letter to specific job.
  4. It is very important to assure that candidate's responses are on target and error free. "With paper applications, poorly written submissions can be incorporated in the circular file. But in online applications, inaccurate content visible to company, that declinecandidate's chances for a relationship with the employer in the future as well." This is a frightening thought, but it is necessary that candidates must check your content for spelling, content, and grammar. 
    Additionally, it is suggested tomake sure that information is completely spelled out. It is advised that candidates must avoid abbreviations. In many cases, abbreviations that may be understood readily by the hiring managers who are not familiar like first-line recruiters.
  5. In online job applications, maintain one candidate profile per company. Once candidates apply to a company, the organization saves personal information. While candidates should modifytheir resume and/or cover letter for each job submission, maintain one master profile for all of their applications for that company. "Multiple profiles in one company's system can cause misperception." Submitting one profile per company is always better.
  6. Candidates must fill out all fields within the application process. It demonstrates interest and desire of the candidate for the job. Many recruiters just skip over candidates who do not complete their applications. Many companies filter candidates by their responses to certain fields within the online application forms.
  7. It is to assure that candidate's social profile is current. Companies are now inspiring candidates to include professional information from their social profiles, typically LinkedIn, Google+, or Facebook, within their online application process. "The ability to view dynamic social profile(s), permits recruiters to see candidate's current work status and determine whether timing is right to extend a job offer.
  8. Lastly, review all the information mentioned in application form before submitting. Before clicking the submit button, take a final look at the content provided. After clicking the button, all information is sent to the recruiter directly.

 Filling online application for job:

At last, fundamental advice to complete application: Application must be filled in such a way that employer is motivated to select application for particular job. Briefly, typical section of application include Educational background, work experience, Competency and Personal statement. From the employer's standpoint, the application serves numerous purposes.

These vary depending on the nature of the job and the preferences of the person responsible for hiring, as each organization should have an application form that mirrors its own environment. An application usually requires by the applicant to provide information sufficient to demonstrate that he or she is legitimately permitted to work

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