Major factors that hinder career success of candidates

BY Admin Jul 09, 2018

The important question that troubles most of people is why they are not successful in spite of immense efforts. Candidates often regret themselves and have feeling of shame for not being done well in job. There are many reasons that hamper out success.

  1. The main factor for which people do not get success is what others will say. People suffer from this feeling in most of the time in their life. Usually, candidates are concerned about what others will think for their actions and decisions. To succeed in career, it is important that candidates must not get influenced by other's decisions.
  2. Fear of failure:

    Another significant cause of hindrance of success is feeling of failure in task. People fear of failure mainly when they have low self-confidence, and a lack of faith in their own efforts, abilities and the opportunity.Every businessperson, at one point in his start-up journey, has to take a leap of faith. People cannot assess risk every time. Therefore they must have to overcome fear of failure. There are many ways by which people can lessen the feeling of failure,such as carefully studying the opportunity, believing in intuition, must have confidencein their sincere efforts, skills and resources.
  3. Self-doubt:

    Self-doubt is a conflict that goes on within each of us. It is a feeling in insideof people that they cannot perform some tasks which greatly impactsindividuality and career life. It restricts to do new things which intern disrupt success.Self-doubt also creates unwillingness in candidate’s mind to grab new opportunities and discover new alternatives. When people have self-doubt, they must remember their past achievement. This will enhance their confidence.
  4. Habits:

    Habits also play vital role on getting success. Candidates have to put extreme efforts to achieve their targets. They must review the habits of successful people, and think about their success. Additionally, people must work out what new habits they can develop to get success.
  5. Lack of Motivation:

    It is a major cause of hampering in career success. Motivation can help people in their tough times. Motivation is the force that transforms intention into action. In a work setting, it’s the drive that helps to maintain goal-directed performance. Therefore candidates must be enthusiastic toward work to succeed in career.
  6. Excuses:

    Hindrance of career success is also due to giving excuses and blaming others for their bad situation. When candidates do not clear any competitive examination, they blame something or someone else for it.Excuses are the temporary shadow that feeble people seek in tough times. These excuses makepeopleaway from reality.If someone gives excuse for failure is like cheating to oneself. Therefore it is advised that people must be honest with themselves and face the situation with determination.This approach will help them learn many things about themselves and the world.
  7. Candidate’s past:

    Many candidates do not forget their past and hold their bitter experience and losses of life. This feelings disrupts to grab current opportunities for career enhancement.The past is a learning experience, and should be used as self-correction.

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