Office habits that affect health of employees

BY Admin Jul 09, 2018

Employees spend several hours in the office, at the desk. During this duration, they try to slip into a comfort zone that may become cause of irritating health problems in the near future. These include weight gain, back aches, neck problems, shoulder pain, stiff knees, irritability, lack of focus and various issues that can show up from habits developed by poor habits adopted by personnel in long hours spent in office.

It is important to know these bad office habits and how to fix it to maintain good health and live life peacefully.

  1. Being sedentary:

    In office job, personnel have to sit for long hours to complete official work. This results in improper blood circulation which leads to stiffness in the joints. Sometimes, person’s back or neck may ache and they may feel pain in the knees or hip. In order to avoid these health problems, officials must get up and take a walk around their office, free up legs after one or two hours. It is advised to do a few rhythmic stretches for waist, hip and legs. Foot circles will free up the ankles. During lunch time, officers can go for a walk. Such movements will help personnel to mobilize his body and he may feel better to do task at desk.
  2. Poor posture:

    Second major bad habit is poor posture of employees at desk.Bad postural alignment is bad for health and it may have serious medical consequences. Constantly slouching, tensing shoulders or sitting leaning over to one side may lead to back bones and shoulders out of its natural position and can cause serious long-term impairment. This habit must be corrected through adopting good postural check.
    Medical experts advise people to stand with back against the wall. The back of heels, hips, back of the shoulders and back of the head should touch the wall. Now step away from the wall observing that same posture. Next make sure person’s chin is parallel to the floor. To get shoulders in check raise them all the way up to ears and then bring them downwards as low as they will go. Then release the shoulders. This is the normal position.Next round shoulders forwards, and then push them all the way back. Then release. This is how they should remain.
    Maintain a tall back and hold lower tummy muscles in a bit to strengthen them and support the back. Maintain this posture whether employees are sitting, standing or moving. It will take days of conscious effort for the posture to come naturally. Another way to maintain good posture is use a chair that has good back and arm support. Sit away back with hips against the back of the chair, so that they can rest their back without causing it any strain.
    Other important tip for normal posture is that employee’s chair and table should be at the correct height so that they do not need to slouch over the table or stress his shoulders by having to raise his arms up too high. It is recommended to get up and move every hour or so. Prolonged sitting can tire muscles making people slip back into old habits.
  3. Irregular meals:

    This invites many health issues to employees working in IT companies or where they have to give long sittings in office. Officers are under pressure to complete the office work therefore they sometimes skip their breakfast.It is observed when there is lot of pending work or officers have to report to bosses for assignment, they even skip lunch. Professionals working in offices must understand that just like their office work needs to be done on time, the body also needs food to work effectively. Eating is one of the most basic needs for all of us.Slacking drives person’s body crazy and will make them to gain weight, fluctuate energy levels resulting in nutrient deficits.
    Many medical researchers’ states that poor nutrition can weaken immune system and reduce personnel ability to lead an enjoyable and active life. Irregular meals can contribute to stress, tiredness and person’s capacity to work, and over time.It can contribute to the risk of developing some illnesses and other health problems such as being overweight or obese, tooth decay, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and stroke, type-2 diabetes, osteoporosis, some cancers, depression, and eating disorders.
    In order to fix these problems, employees must set fixed timing for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as two snacks in between. No matter how busy the day is, one must carve the time out.
  4. Unhealthy foods:

    Officers or workers both are very busy persons as there is too much of work load to meet the target. Due to this, they eat unhealthy foods such as fast foods. They do not have time to prepare breakfast, tiffin for lunch and they go for junk foods. In this way they are more likely to pick an unhealthy meal or snack. Everybody knows that office life is tough and it is difficult to keep balance between office work and home work. Health specialists advised to plan meals wisely. Individuals must make sure that they should eat the highest quality food. The freshest of fruits, veggies, lightly cooked foods, good proteins and so on.
  5. Lack of fresh air and natural light:

    In most of the offices, it is observed that there is cabin for personnel. These are indoor officesand sitting all day can cause cabin suffocated. Officers may experience feeling of restlessness, lack of concentration, irritability. To adjust in such environment, IT professionals or employees whose work in indoor, may take a break from work. Step out of the office. Do this at least thrice a day.Make up for time spent indoors by going for a walk after work.
  6. Stressed feeling:

    Employees who work in multinational corporations or any private organization are normally get stressed as they have to meet deadlines, plan presentations, and attend important meetings. This raise stress and anxiety levels. They spent more time in indoor office in which there is lack of exercise. Officers also skip meal. All these factors double the stress levels. To fix this mental state, it is recommended to do a two minute self-focused, deep-breathing exercise. 
    Employees who have heavy work load must sit in a relaxing position on their chair with back upright. Close eyes, relax shoulders, head and neck. Now breathe deeply, filling up their lungs. Then exhale very slowly, they may try to relax their body even more.
  7. Uncleanliness:

    Some employees do not have habit to maintain cleanliness around them. While wearing formal attire, they do not change the dress until looks dirty. It is important to maintain hygiene in office because public place are risky and people may catch many infection.
    Though office work demand dedication and people find it difficult to change habits but very soon they mayunderstand that healthy body can work more and they can live a comfortable life when they possess sound health.

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