Ways to deal with office politics

BY Admin Jul 09, 2018

Politics is embedded in human relationship. Office politics is very common in workplace. Politics ascends when personnel try to gain promotion at workplace which is beyond their control by ruining their colleague’s repute. Office politics is the differences between people at work, differences in thoughts, and conflicts of interests. It all goes down to human communications and relationships. Sometimes it is recognized that the culture of a firm is the primary indicator of foreseeable and conventional employee behaviour. Organizations withweak commands, poor communication, and vainly managedcultures are basis office politics. It has been witnessed that employees who are involved in office politics do not concentrate to their work.

It is highly important to know why people play politics. There are numerous ways and causes for politics at work. First reason is that people eager to come in the limelight without making much effort through office politics. Individuals indulge in politics at the workplace when they tend to misuse their power to get attention of top management to solve their purpose of gaining senior position in office.There are some individuals who attend office just for personal benefit and do not want to work hard. Such individuals getinvolve in nasty politics. They try their level best to create a negative image of their fellow workers to gain attention of the top management.

Personal Relationships: In official culture, personal relationships amongworkers can sometimes also lead to politics. Politics rises when individuals support their friends, relatives or neighbours at the workplace. Though it is recommended that employees must never mix business with personal life but some people play politics through developing relationships with other member in office to gain high position.

Manipulations: Manipulating information to misinform superior also leads to politics at the workplace. One should pass on information in its desired form. Gossips: Office politics also arises when personnelare involved in excessive gossips. Leg pulling, criticism, backstabbing, hatred lead to politics. Anenvious employee would never want his fellow workers to perform well and get promotion.

Basically, key factors for negative political behaviour at workplace are limited resources and opportunity for advancement, employees’ emotional insecurity, over competitiveness, a win-loss organizational attitude, the need for personal acceptance, and the most common motivator is self-interest. Office politics is done to gain power in organization. Other ground for playing office politics is career advancement. In psychological term, people have negative emotional feeling toward their colleagues which is called jealousy.It is vital to acknowledge that while there are people who follow the ladder, others care passionately about promotion.

Reasons for office politics:

Office politics is prevalent at workplace. In job career, there is tough competition and employees have limited resources and preference. It is advised that people should not get afraid of office politics instead gain mastery to win over politics and make good position in organization through their talents.

People must follow some guidelines to handle office politics:

  1. It is advisable to accept and acknowledge the office politics if a person is surrounded by it. After this one must begin to explore and assess the root cause for politics going around him. Then find the ways to deal with it. Sometimes, person has to face it and combat against it or simply leave it.
  2. When gripped in office politics, person should not take sides. People may have major problems when they start taking sides. They can give their opinion but never under any situations take sides as it will devastate everything. When person observes that he is caught in a situation, it is good practice to focus on business objectives and involve in common communication platform and guarantee open communications among all parties. Adopting such behaviours will keep people safe and no one can blame that they have spoken wrong words.
  3. When office politics is going around people, they should not take it personally. Sometimes a colleague messes up with happiness and person may be mentally unstable. But this time, it is recommended to maintain mental balance. Such behaviour will make people in good books of management.
  4. The most important thing to deal with office politics is not send nasty or angry mails to opponents. Before sending any correspondences through email, it is good to think what to write. Always follow professionalism. Because in the state of anger, generally people use some bad words and justify that they are right but it may have negative consequences. Same goes for social media posts too.
  5. In office politics, it is always good to know the main culprit and maintain distance from that person. It is better to have normal relation with the person who is playing politics.

It is also important to analyse the casual network of the office like who is friendly, who creates fights, who gets along with whom and who has the most connections with the bosses. People who play office politics games might help victim and aheadand from back door createtroublein career success of others. Maintaining bridges is effective way to deal with office politics. Person must maintain cordial relations with co-workers.For this, start with the people who are superior in organization hierarchy.Be respectful to their authority and help them in exercising to make good impression among seniors.It is suggested to avoid shallow flattery and being a part of a group and make allies. It is to note that Groupism at office workplace is professionally dangerous.

It is better to have a part of a team that works together to make their business a success.If persons work dedicatedly even though they are gripped in office politics, bosseswill have favourable opinion for them.One shouldnot escape from horrible people at the work place, but make the effort to strike a conversation and get along with them.

There is no pressure of employee, but it is good practice to help them improve in their conduct which may enhance image.But it is always better to be careful. Employees who are suffering from office politics should not get involve in spreading rumours, passing on gossip and getting into personal opinions. The ultimate goal should be institutional interests and professional behaviour. These people must not complain without a substantial purpose.

Work place politics involves defilement of privacy. Probably the worst reason to play in office politics is for its own sake, although people do it all times. To tackle office politics, best way is to concentrate on business mission, objectives and enthusiastically work to accomplish it. It is also needed to assess project goals and how boss defines current role of a person in managing project. It is necessary for people to become aware and understand the business project around them.

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