What to do after job interview ?

BY Saravanan Jul 24, 2018

What to do after job interview ?

Many candidates feel frustrated after they don’t hear anything from the company after a long interview or a group interview. Many feel dejected when the company says that they are on the waiting list.

But, candidate’s work is not complete once they leave the interview – it is in fact it is just beginning and they should not remain worried or silent.

One among the foremost thing a candidate should do, is that they should get the rough idea, about the final decision about the interview. The candidate should at the end of the interview what the next steps are and when he/she should be expecting to hear. If the candidate find out that they are about to go on personal holidays or overseas travel, he/she doesn’t need to be worried.

Candidates must remain proactive and follow-up any interview is the primary part of their job research. It exhibits their enthusiasm and desire for the designation, but doesn't make it seem as though they are very worried or desperate.

Here are some the tips which might be useful:

  • During the interview try to gather the information about the person and their designation who are present in the panel. If possible try to get their business card, which could be very useful to follow future communication.
  • Many human resource experts propose the idea to write a thank you email or letter to each person who were present in the interview panel within three days of the interview.
  • If the candidate has applied through a recruitment agency rather than directly, there may be some hurdles communicating with the employer, but if the candidate is open with the recruitment agent and explain the importance it could be a key part of the strategy, candidate should have no problems in getting hold of the communication details.
  • A good and neatly written thank you note following an important interview shows attitude, confidence, character and interest of the candidate. It also shows appreciation for the employer's interest in the candidate and could serve as a reminder to the employer that the candidate is sincere and committed in getting the opportunity.
  • If the candidate is not selected they should worry or feel frustrated. Some employers go back and could call the candidates who are in the waiting list.
  • Even if the candidate feels confident that they would get a job offer, they shouldn’t remain silent and must continue looking at other opportunities.
  • It is never wise to place too much importance on one job or one interview. They must reassure themselves there will be other opportunities out there.
  • The art of waiting is never a good policy or a good philosophy – even if the candidate belongs to a calm and patient one. They should remember, different companies follow different recruitment process, while some might take a few moments, others can often take longer than even the employer, expects.
  • It's fair and intelligent game to use other job offers as thrust in your follow-up. Candidates should always remain polite inform a prospective employer that they have another offer to see if it will hurry their decision along. But never use the terms as an ultimatum, just mention it.
  • Finally, the candidate should never disconnect any communication if they do not get a job offer. Any contact with an employer (or interviewer) even if it is unsuccessful, could be useful in future. Interviews are a good way of meeting people or improving communication.

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