Work Relationship

Efficiency in the Era of Technology

BY Bharathi Kaza Jul 14, 2018

Truly technological efficiency is the very much needed. My article speaks of how we can make ourselves more efficie...

Skill Enhancement- Need of the hour

BY Bharathi Kaza Jul 14, 2018

My article is all about how to improve one's own skill to improve their performance in the workplace.  ...

How can shy people expand network in corporate world

BY Admin Jul 09, 2018

Shy people generally do not have wide social contacts and they are hesitant to mix up with others. But in job environmen...

Counselling strategy to manage retirement stage

BY Admin Jul 09, 2018

Retirement is an unavoidable movement in the life of personnel. Retirement is major change in an individual’s life...

Communication in workplace

BY Admin Jul 09, 2018

For business success, it is necessary to have good communication between employees, customers and other associates. Comm...


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